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We delight in well informed travelers, and wide eyed adventurers who want to come to Tibet! We have a network of amazing Tibetan guides and our own Chinese Travel Consulting Firm that can assist you in making your dream to travel to Tibet some true! 

Weather you want a short trip or a long term cultural immersion program, we are certain that we can help you design an incredibly transformative and meaningful journey to our favorite place in the world!

$100/day starting price

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Travel Overland from the Food Capital of China, Chengdu, through some of the most beautiful landscapes and diverse cultural areas into the Tibetan Plateau. We will land in the village of GarGon, where we will stay to offer some service work and learn from Tibetan Nomads.



We can sumo build your trip, meaning we will include and exclude what you want. $100/ day includes 3 meals a day (mostly vegetarian) and accommodations for 2 people per room plus an incredible English speaking guide. Soft drinks and extra snacks not included. 



We have various tours predesigned and want to make the tour just as you like it! Please be in touch.



Margaret “Meg” Ferrigno PhD founder and Executive Director of the

Pureland Project. Molly McGinn PhD Managing Partner, TreeHouse Learning Community ,
Meg voluntarily organizes the tours to raise funds for Garchen Rinpoche’s village school projects which she manages under the Pureland Project. Meg speaks Tibetan and spent several years in Tibet at Gargon. 

Jamyang is a ex-nomad and ex-monk turned businessman tour guide. He is incredibly wise and fun. He will share with you everything he knows and loves.

Shamkhun is an ex-farmer turned tour guide who has a huge heart and will show you all the amazing parts of Tibet.

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  • CHENGDU, Sichuan - The capital of Sichuan Province is famous for its relaxed atmosphere. Tea houses, Chinese opera, and shadow puppet shows are the main pass-times here. It is a major tourist crossroads where we can see markets while enjoying the famous spicy Sichuan flavors.

  • JEKUNDO (Yushu), Qinghai - Yushu is the wild west of Kham where traditional nomadic lifestyle lives on. Yushu is an ecological hotspot with many monasteries. The highlight of our time here is the HORSE RACING FESTIVAL: July 25- August 1st. Here you can expect to see most ofYushu’s nomads gathered, thousands of dancers, hundreds of horse races, beautiful garments, jewelry, and a beauty competition! The festival takes place in Yushu, in a huge stadium, recently built after the 2010 quake that leveled the city.

  • REBKONG (Tongren), Qinghai - This is the center of the arts in Amdo, where painting, statue, carpentry, and farming form the foundation of local economy. The region is predominantly populated by farmers and famous for its artisans. Most of the Tibetan farmers here practice Bon as well as Buddhism. Rebkong painters are recognized as the best in all Tibet, Nepal, and India. They are also the most wealthy. The carpenters of the region are to be noted, as they have amazing skills! Here we will observe the SHAMAN FESTIVAL: July 30-August 12. The Shaman Festival takes place in many different villages scattered around Rebkong. The annual festival includes different offerings to each village’s mountain spirits. Some village boys pierce themselves, other shamans may make blood offerings from the scalp, and others dance barefoot for hours around sacred images. The ceremonies are long and fascinating for anthropologists, but perhaps not for a general audience. Sensitivity of the ceremonies is necessary, as most shamans enter trance in front of the villagers and their actions are unpredictable.

  • LABRANG (Xiahe), Gansu - Labrang Monastery is the largest monastery in Amdo. Tourists and pilgrims alike flood this region in the summertime. It is a somewhat sensitive area and does sometimes close without warning. It is the seat of the Panchen Lama. Here we can visit NorLha handicraft company’s workshop, and the nearby grasslands.

  • LHASA, TAR - famous capital of Tibet, Lhasa is changing rapidly. As it enters the global market, the ancient cultural landscape is undergoing rapid transformation. It is a fascinating time to visit this powerful place. Many of the major tourists destinations will be included, but we will also visit some of the handcraft and carpet centers.

  • XINING, Qinghai - Xining, the rapidly developing capital of Qinghai Province, is a melting pot on the historical Silk Road for Tibetan, Hui, Mongolian, and Han people.

  • BEIJING, Beijing- The capital of China, Beijing is full of high end markets that can be explored while enjoying delicious foods and exploring the ancient neighborhoods and historic landmarks.

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